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​​​Bexar County Eviction Service    Real Estate Services

Notice  to Vacate (Notice to Quit)   $89.00*

We will hand deliver the notice and mail it via USPS regular and certified mail.

This will take place within 24 hrs. of receiving payment for this service. You will get a picture from the front of the house/unit at the time of delivery.  This is a one-time trip, if tenant does not answer, notice will be posted on front door or gate. Notice is mailed by regular and certified mail, return receipt.  For court filing purpose, the certified copy will do.

*Price is for Bexar County only - other areas of Texas price defers.

san antonio eviction service

Forcible Entry and Detainer (Eviction)    $525.00*

(includes filing fee of $146.00 for 1 person - signee on lease)

We will file the proper paper work at the appropriate JP Court, email you a copy of the receipt, showing you the court date.  We will appear in court in your behalf.  On the 6th day we will return to the rental unit to investigate if indeed the tenant(s) vacated (this is a one time trip).  We will notify you of our findings via email, text, or phone call. 

Additional fees may apply.

*Price is for Bexar County only - other areas of Texas price defers. Add $100.00 for 2nd person on lease, and per each additional person that signed lease.  No refund after the detainer has been filed in court.


However reasonable you may be working with your tenant, and however well you maintain your properties, problems can arise that threaten to cost you serious money and time.  Landlords dealing with nonpayment of rent, and/or problem tenants can benefit greatly from retaining a professional service company to assist them resolve the issue.

BCES assist each client in the important steps of preparation and proper service to initiate the eviction process, know that if this is not done correctly and strictly in accordance with the applicable law, the case will be thrown out of court when it reaches trial.  This costing you more money and time already spent on a tenant that owes you monies.

We will initiate the eviction process by hand delivering a 3-Day Notice to Vacate to your tenant(s), at this time we will take a picture of the outside of the rental, send it to you via text, letting you know that we executed this step.

After the 3 days, we will then go file the Forcible Entry and Detainer forms at the proper JP Court.  (This process will be implemented upon payment for service by landlord.) You do not need to be present in court, as we will be there representing you.

Writ of Possession                                   $655.00*

(Includes court filing fees $255.00)

Will be filed on the sixth day after we have been to court, if you so request. 

The receipt will be emailed to you giving you the date this event will take place (if scheduled the day of payment to court).

The Constables will instruct the tenant and all other persons residing in the unit to leave the premises immediately, and, if the persons fail to comply, we will physically remove them; The constable will instruct the tenant to remove or to allow the landlord, the landlord's representatives, or other persons acting under the officer's supervision to remove all personal property from the rental unit other than personal property claimed to be owned by the landlord.

BCES will have a team of 2 people per bedroom as required by constables, ready to remove all items to the curb or to the location the Constables approve.  If the items are to be moved off the location additional fees will accrue.  We will change locks to all exterior entrance doors if paid by landlord. Includes 2 hours of service, additional time fees may also accrue.

*​Price is for Bexar County only, other areas of Texas price defers. Price is for up to 3 bedrooms.  No refund after case has been filed in court.